Best Cross Training Shoes in 2024 – Top 8 (For Every Use)

If you’re looking for a shoe that can withstand the most intense WODs and won’t break the bank, the Reebok Nano X3 (Reebok Nano X3 just launched!) is your go-to choice. For us, it’s the ultimate cross-training shoe!

If you’re looking for a shoe that can handle all types of cross-training WODs, the Nike Metcon 8 or Nobull Trainers are also excellent options. Both of these shoes are versatile and can handle everything from weightlifting to cardio.

Top Picks – Best Cross Training Shoes

best shoes for cross training nano x2
best shoes for cross training nano x2

The Best Cross Training Shoes – tl;dr

The summary on which are the best shoes for CrossFit is very simple. What happens in this battle is very similar to the eternal Coca-Cola vs Pepsi.

In Cross Training, there are two shoes that compete against each other year after year. Both win in the category of best shoes for Cross Training for men and women.

Reebok Nano and Nike Metcon.

Each year a new model comes out (Nano X1, X2, X3…/ Metcon 6, Metcon 7, Metcon 8, Metcon 9…) and almost automatically becomes the best shoe for CrossFit. Think about it, these shoes have hundreds of people working to design and improve them along with top athletes who advise and test them.

Reebok vs Nike – How to Choose The Best Cross Training Shoe

The age-old debate in the CrossFit world is Nike versus Reebok. Both are heavy hitters in the game, but let’s break it down real quick.

If you’re a heavy lifter, the Nike Metcons got you covered.

If you’re all about that WOD life and the variety of movements, then Reebok’s got your back. Are you a heavy lifter or a WOD-destroyer?

Based on our experience, another choosing factor is the shape of your foot. If you have a narrow foot, choose the Nike Metcon and if you have a wider foot, choose the Reebok Nano.

Another way to choose is based on past experiences with other sport shoes. If you are more of an Adidas person, choose the Reebok Nano (Reebok has been a part of the Adidas family for many years). If you are more of a Nike person, choose the Nike Metcon.

🚨 Why Trust Us?

Cause we’ve been hustlin’ in the cross-training game for over 7 years! We’ve put all kinds of gear to the test, from cheap Chinese crap to fancy luxury gear. We don’t mess around, we test and review everything thoroughly so you can trust our advice on what gear to buy. We’ve been there and done that, we’ve got the battle scars to prove it. So, when we tell you something is good, you know it’s good.

best shoes for cross training reebok
best shoes for cross training reebok

Do you really need specific shoes for Cross Training?

It’s the most common question among newbies starting out in the sport. No gear is essential, but lemme tell ya, shoes are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

In my opinion, it’s the first thing you should invest in because: With running shoes, you’ll feel unstable during weightlifting exercises. If the shoe isn’t designed for Cross Training, you’re more likely to tear them up during exercises like rope climbs and wall climbs.

And even though new models come out every year, a CrossFit shoe is an investment. If you have a shoe for each specific use, you’ll save money in the long run. Trust me, I learned the hard way, using my running shoes.

Best Cross Training Shoes – Best Cross Training Shoes – Best Cross Training Shoes
Best Cross Training Shoes
CategoryBest Cross-Training Shoe
Overall Best Cross-Training ShoesReebok Nano X3
Best Cross-Training Shoes for MenReebok Nano X3
Best Cross-Training Shoes for WomenReebok Nano X3
Best Cross-Training Shoes for BudgetUnder Armour HOVR Rise 3 or Discounted Reebok Nano
Best Cross-Training Shoes for Agility WODsNike Metcon 8
Best Cross-Training Shoes for Heavy LiftsAdidas Adipower
Best Cross-Training Shoes for LifestyleNOBULL Trainers
Best Cross-Training Shoes for MinimalistsInov 8 Cross Training Shoes
Best Cross-Training Shoes for Budget MinimalistsWITHIN Cross-Trainers
Best Cross-Training Shoes for RunsAny Cross-Trainer for short runs, Running shoes for long runs
Rising StarsSTR/KE MVMNT, R.A.D One, TYR Shoes
Best Cross Training Shoes List

Things to consider when buying Cross Training Shoes

When it comes to buying shoes for Cross-Training there are a few things you gotta keep in mind.

The fit. Make sure you try them on, walk around and do a few squats or jump to see how they feel. You want a snug fit, but not too tight. And don’t be shy to go up half a size, your feet swell when working out. You can always ask someone in your box to try or at least touch the shoes you’re looking for.

The sole. You want a sturdy sole with good grip, so you can do wall climbs and rope climbs without slipping. Look for shoes with a flat sole or a slight heel-toe drop.

Durability. Cross-training is intense, hell intense, and puts a lot of stress on your shoes, so you want a pair that can withstand the wear and tear. Look for shoes made of high-quality materials that are built to last.

Support. Depending on your foot type and the exercises you’ll be doing, you may need more support in certain areas. If you have high arches, for example, you’ll want a shoe with good arch support. If you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting, you’ll want a shoe with a stable heel.

Style. Cross-training shoes come in a variety of colors and designs, so you can find a pair that fits your personal style. But, don’t let that cloud your judgement and compromise on the other important aspects.

Bottom line, you want a shoe that fits well, provides good support and grip, is durable and has the right style to make you feel good while you’re hitting those PRs. Happy shopping!

best shoes for cross training nobull
best shoes for cross training nobull

I’m out, see you in the box. Best Cross Training Shoes

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