Best Jump Ropes For CrossFit in 2024 – The Definitive List For The Double Unders

You know that in the CrossFit box, no two days are the same.

This sport is demanding for your mind and body. With exercises from so many different modalities, you have to be ready for anything.

Among these beloved exercises are the famous double unders.

Finding the best jump ropes for CrossFit double unders can be quite a challenge. But we have you covered.

We’ve researched, analyzed, and tested a wide variety of jump ropes. Some more specific to certain exercises like heavy weighted ropes, and others more versatile that work well for all CrossFit jump rope exercises.

After a lot of sweat, some blood, and a few tears, we’re proud to present our definitive list of the best CrossFit jump ropes.

The Best Jump Ropes For CrossFit

After using and testing almost all of the current jump ropes designed for CrossFit-style sports, we’ve decided that the best CrossFit jump ropes are:

These two last ropes generate a lot of debate, kind of like Coca-Cola vs Pepsi. Our runner-up could easily take second place depending on personal preferences. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best CrossFit jump ropes, like durability, rotation, grip, etc. Honestly, the concept of “best” is pretty subjective because what works great for one hand may not work well on another.

Best Jump Rope For CrossFit
Best Jump Rope For CrossFit

The Best CrossFit Jump Ropes:

These are the best CrossFit jump ropes based on our test and preferences:

Best CrossFit Jump Rope Velites Fire 2.0
Best CrossFit Jump Rope Velites Fire 2.0

The essentials of a CrossFit jump rope

There are several aspects that are essential for us when choosing a jump rope for CrossFit:

Durability: They need to be durable. Jump ropes take a lot of abuse, both the handle and the rope itself. Buy quality and resistance.

Material: Aluminum/metal grips. Say no to plastic.

Coating: Rope with durable coating – Cheap ropes break easily, the coating falls off, and the metal wire is exposed.

Avoid plastics at all costs.

Personally, we like aluminum ropes. In general, plastic ropes are associated with lower rope quality and they break easily.

Aluminium ropes have given us better results, they seem more comfortable and versatile for switching between exercises.

Avoid These Jump Ropes For CrossFit

Listen up, my fellow CrossFiters.

When it comes to choosing the right jump rope for your WODs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First and foremost, steer clear of plastic jump ropes. These cheap, flimsy ropes may seem like a good idea at first, but trust me, they’ll fall apart on you in no time.

Next, avoid those weird, chunky ropes that look like they belong in a kids’ playground. These ropes may be visually appealing, but they’re not built for the intensity and demands of CrossFit. Instead, focus on quality and durability in your jump rope.

And finally, stay away from any jump rope that comes with fancy technology like counting your jumps. That’s all just a bunch of crap that doesn’t matter and should never have been invented.

Stick with a simple, raw aluminium, durable rope that can handle the demands of CrossFit and you’ll be golden.

Don’t waste your money on any of that fancy technology, it’s not worth it.

Example of Jump Rope for CrossFit to avoid:

Avoid These Jump Ropes For CrossFit
Avoid These Jump Ropes For CrossFit

🚨 Why Trust Us?

Cause we’ve been hustlin’ in the cross-training game for over 7 years! We’ve put all kinds of gear to the test, from cheap Chinese crap to fancy luxury gear. We don’t mess around, we test and review everything thoroughly so you can trust our advice on what gear to buy. We’ve been there and done that, we’ve got the battle scars to prove it. So, when we tell you something is good, you know it’s good.

What jump rope do athletes use in the CrossFit Games?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not just one specific brand or model that they all swear by.

In fact, you’ll see a variety of different ropes in action during the competition. But don’t let that discourage you, it just means that the best jump rope for you is one that fits your personal preferences and meets your specific needs.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out this video of the CrossFit Games and see for yourself the different types of ropes the athletes use.

CrossFit Games 2022 Athletes Jump Ropes

Summary table:

Best Weighted Jump Rope For CrossFit: Velites Earth 2.0 Weighted Jump Rope

Best Overall Jump Rope For CrossFitVelites – Velites Fitness Fire 2.0
2nd Best Jump Rope For CrossFitBear KompleX Speed Jump Rope
3rd Best Jump Rope For CrossFitEliteSRS Bullet Comp Speed Rope
Best Cheap Jump Rope For CrossFitWOD Nation Speed Jump Rope or Fit Vikings Jump Rope
Best Weighted Jump Rope For CrossFitVelites Earth 2.0 Weighted Jump Rope
Jump Rope For CrossFit
Jump Rope For CrossFit

And remember, the most important thing is to find a rope that works for YOU and helps you crush your WODs like a pro. So, grab your rope and let’s get jumping

Jump Rope For CrossFit – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about jump ropes for CrossFit:

What are the best jump ropes for CrossFit?

Based on our experience, Velites Fire 2.0, Bear KompleX Speed Jump Rope, EliteSRS Bullet Comp Speed Rope, WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, and Velites Earth 2.0 Weighted Jump Rope are some of the best options.

Why is a good jump rope important for CrossFit?

Most of the rope you’ll find in a CrossFit box are almost destroyed. Buying your own rope will bring joy and progress to your skills. It’s hard to jump with a broken rope. A good jump allows for smooth and efficient jumping during high-intensity workouts.

What should I look for in a jump rope for CrossFit?

Look for a rope that is durable, has a comfortable grip, and has a fast and smooth rotation.

Are plastic jump ropes good for CrossFit?

No, plastic jump ropes are not suitable for CrossFit as they are not durable enough for the intense workouts.

What is the best material for a jump rope for CrossFit?

The best material for a jump rope for CrossFit is a durable and lightweight material such as aluminum or steel.

Are weighted jump ropes good for CrossFit?

Weighted jump ropes can be good for CrossFit, as they provide an extra challenge and help build strength and endurance.

How do I adjust the length of my jump rope for CrossFit?

To adjust the length of your jump rope, hold the rope by the handles and step on the rope with one foot. The rope should come up to your nipples.

How often should I replace my jump rope for CrossFit?

Most of the time, you don’t have to replace your grip, just swap out the rope! Most quality brands come with extra ropes so you can keep your grip and just switch out the rope to increase its lifespan.

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