Best CrossFit Backpacks in 2024 – Top 10 (And 2 to avoid)

CrossFit has always been closely tied to military training, and that’s why tactical backpacks are the staple in every CrossFit box.

These backpacks were originally designed for soldiers and they’re built tough! They can withstand anything Mother Nature throws their way, they’ve got plenty of room for all your gear, and the modular MOLLE system makes it easy to customize.

CrossFit is intense and it’s reflected in the gear we use. Whether it’s the backpacks or the weighted vests, they’re all inspired by military equipment.

CrossFit’s been on the rise lately, with more and more people jumping on the train to become better athletes. So, if you’re still using that old, beat-up backpack, it’s time to step up your game! Get yourself a tactical backpack and show the world that you’re a true CrossFitter!

best crossfit backpacks guide
best crossfit backpacks guide

Top Picks – Best CrossFit Backpacks

best crossfit backpacks rush
Best CrossFit backpacks 5.11 rush

The Best CrossFit Backpacks – tl;dr

The best backpack for CrossFit should be durable, made of high-quality materials, and ideally have military-grade construction. It should also look good, be comfortable to wear, and have enough capacity for your gear.

If you carry a lot of equipment, consider a larger backpack, but if you don’t carry much, look for a compact option.

best crossfit backpack

🚨 Why Trust Us?

Cause we’ve been hustlin’ in the cross-training game for over 7 years! We’ve put all kinds of gear to the test, from cheap Chinese crap to fancy luxury gear. We don’t mess around, we test and review everything thoroughly so you can trust our advice on what gear to buy. We’ve been there and done that, we’ve got the battle scars to prove it. So, when we tell you something is good, you know it’s good.

Do you really need a CrossFit Backpack?

Starting out with CrossFit, we don’t require anything specific to train with. However, as we progress and aim to enhance our performance, we tend to invest in various accessories. This often leads us to carrying large backpacks to have everything we need for any WOD.

You don’t really need a CrossFit specific backpack but you know… they look freaking cool!

Best CrossFit Backpacks Nobull
Best CrossFit Backpacks Nobull

Avoid Cheap Stuff

Make sure you steer clear of those cheap knock-off bags.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

The internet is flooded with low-quality bags that look good in the photos but are absolute trash when you put them to the test.

There’s no shortage of brands jumping on the CrossFit bandwagon these days, and while some of them make solid backpacks, others are just slapping their logo on cheap bags they bought on AliExpress.

So, don’t fall for the cheap tricks. Make sure you invest in a quality backpack that’ll hold up to the demands of CrossFit. You don’t want to be that folk with a broken bag on the floor of the box.

Look For Trustworthy Brands

Make sure you’re getting it from a brand that specializes in tactical gear. That’s the way to go.

When it comes to choosing the right CrossFit backpack, there’s a lot to consider. You want something that’s tough and can handle the weight of all your gear without feeling like a burden.

You also want plenty of storage options, and, of course, you don’t want to break the bank.

That’s why it’s important to go with a brand that’s been dedicated to making tactical gear for their whole life.

These guys know what they’re doing, and they’ll make sure you get a backpack that’s built to handle the demands of CrossFit. So, don’t settle for a cheap imitations, go for the real deal.

Best CrossFit Backpacks Table

Overall Best CrossFit Backpack5.11 Rush Tactical Backpack 24
Best for WomenLHI Backpack
Best Second PositionCondor Compact Assault Pack GEN II
Best Third PositionHelikon-tex Raccoon Mk2
Best for the MoneyMil-Tec Assault Backpack
Best LifestyleNobull Backpacks or Bear KompleX Backpack
Best for Minimalists5.11 Tactical AMP12 Essential Backpack
Best Backpacks for CrossFit Table

Things to consider when buying CrossFit Backpacks

You have to look for a few key things. But most important are:

Durability and high-quality materials

These are a must. Your backpack is gonna take a beating in the box. That’s why you want to go with a brand that knows their stuff. Look for a brand that’s killing it in the military industry, with military-grade materials like 5.11, Helikon-tex or Condor. Those backpacks are built to last.

What CrossFit Backpacks pro athletes use?

What’s the deal with the backpacks CrossFit pro athletes are using?

Let’s keep it real, they’re getting paid to rep their gear. So, they’re gonna be wearing whatever their sponsors hook them up with.

No backpack will make or break a WOD, you feel me?

It’s all about the gear that directly affects performance, like shoes, jump ropes, grips, and the like.

Don’t get caught up in what the pros are wearing when it comes to backpacks.

Justin Medeiros is sponsored by Nobull, so he wears a Nobull backpack 🙂

CrossFit Pro Athlete Backpacks
CrossFit Pro Athlete Backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions – Best CrossFit Backpacks

What makes a good CrossFit backpack?

Durability, high-quality materials, and military-grade construction are the key features of a good CrossFit backpack. You also want a backpack that looks good, feels comfortable and has enough storage for all your gym gear.

What size backpack should I get for CrossFit?

It depends on how much gear you bring to the box. If you carry a lot of stuff, a larger backpack might be your best bet, but if you don’t carry much, a compact backpack will do the trick.

What material should I look for in a CrossFit backpack?

Military-grade materials are the way to go. These backpacks are built to last and can handle the rigors of CrossFit training. Look for backpacks made of tough, high-quality materials like nylon or polyester.

Is a tactical backpack necessary for CrossFit?

No, not necessarily. While tactical backpacks are popular among CrossFitters, it’s more important to find a backpack that fits your specific needs and preferences. Make sure it’s durable, has enough storage, and feels comfortable to wear.

Can a CrossFit backpack be used for other activities?

Yes. A good CrossFit backpack can be used for other activities like hiking, camping, or even as a regular school or work backpack. Just make sure it fits your needs and has enough storage.

Do I need extra pockets in my CrossFit backpack?

It depends on what you need to store. If you have a lot of small items like keys, phone, or headphones, extra pockets can be a game-changer. But if you just need to carry a few items, a backpack with a few simple compartments will do the trick.

Can I use a regular backpack for CrossFit?

Yes, but you might want to consider a backpack specifically designed for CrossFit training. These backpacks are built to handle the rigors of CrossFit and are often made of more durable materials.

What is the difference between a CrossFit backpack and a regular backpack?

CrossFit backpacks are specifically designed for CrossFit training and are often built with more durable materials and tougher construction. They also often have more storage options and compartments specifically designed for gym gear.

I’m out, see you in the box.

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