Picsil Phoenix Aramid Grips Review

Picsil just launched their game-changing Phoenix Aramid Grips for CrossFit in February 2023, and they made a huge splash at the final WOD of a CrossFit event in Spain. And get this – all the athletes had to rock the new grips, but not a single one complained! (buy Picsil Phoenix Grips here)

Picsil Phoenix Grips Review
Picsil Phoenix Grips for CrossFit

After the final, we asked some of the top athletes there, and they all raved about the Phoenix Grips. These bad boys are seriously innovative, and they’re a total game-changer for anyone looking to dominate. If you don’t believe me, just ask the athletes there.

Picsil says Phoenix Grips are the most resistant of their grips. I’ve them tried out for a couple of gymnastics WODs and so far, they’re looking awesome. These grips stick super well to both the bar and my hands, providing a secure and comfortable grip during the workouts.

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Picsil Phoenix Grips Review
Picsil Phoenix Grips Review

The double polyurethane and aramid fabric design seems to be doing its job in terms of durability, but I’ll have to keep using them to see how they perform over time. I love that these grips are specifically made for use without magnesium, but they can also handle magnesium without losing their grip.

The new ergonomic shape of the grips adds an extra layer of safety, protecting the outside of the hands and reducing rubbing on wrists and thumbs. Plus, they’re super lightweight and just 1.5 mm thick… you can feel the bar contact at all times!

Picsil Phoenix Grips Review
Picsil Phoenix Grips Review

I’d say Picsil Phoenix Grips are a great pair of minimalist and very resistant grips for CrossFit. Definitely a great addition to the Best Fingerless Grips for CrossFit List.

picsil phoenix grips review
picsil phoenix review

Check the top CrossFit athletes Fabi Beneito and Aniol Ekai on the Picsil Phoenix Grips promo video

I can’t wait to see how these Phoenix Grips hold up over time, but for now, they’re a solid option for anyone looking for a secure and comfortable grip during gymnastics workouts.

Fly beyond the impossible with the Phoenix Grips!

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